It’s been an interesting year for all of us here at Innovation Growth Hub, it has been a good year despite the bumps here and there. Looking back on the past year, it has been a year of successes and challenges. We did make tremendous progress that we want to share with you.

Below are some of our achievements:

Techstars Startup Weekend

We held two different startup weekends, one in January and the second in November. Startup Weekend is a 54-hour work weekend in which we have people from different walks of life come together to build solutions. We had 8 startups emerge in the first startup weekend and 6 startups in the second.


Kids Code Camp

This is a program we hold in our branch in Abia State for kids yearly during the summer to equip them with Tech skills. In this past year, we expanded our reach for this project to Onitsha, Anambra state, and together we were able to train 72 children in the IGHub Kids Code Camp.

IGHub Fellowship

The fellowship is one of the most important things that happened with the organization this year. We ran two fellowships one in Abia State and another in Delta State. The fellowship is a pathway to employment fully funded by the Foundation for Partnership Initiatives in the Niger Delta – PIND to curb the rate of unemployment and improve the economic situation of the individuals and by extension that of the society as well.

This year we trained 100 youths in Abia State and 65 in Delta State, culminating with the fellowship we have held in the past. We are glad to announce that we have trained over 3,000 youths with Tech skills in the last 4 years

Digital Opportunity Fair

This Fair is held with the aim to introduce the IGHub Fellows to the industry workforce as we invite stakeholders, organizations, and founders to the event. We have had a lot of our fellows get employed and various freelancing gigs from the fair. This year we held the Fair in Abia and Delta State, in November and December respectively.


Hubiquitous is an EU project of which we were privileged to be a part, the project is set to encourage hardware development in Africa. The Hubiquitous was held as a bootcamp and then a subsequent hackathon event. In the hackathon, we had 6 different solutions built, they are Bridge-Tech, Team Fingatt, BAC-TECH, Team LPG Smart System, Team iRRIG, and EvoLED. Three (3) out of these solutions were accepted into the Hubquitous accelerators program.

We also launched a call centre and customer service centre which currently has 14 personnel providing hands-on aid to customers all day long. Some of the other projects we carried out were;


In the coming year, we have put in place several strategies to help us achieve this goal. Some of our focus areas will be to further improve our service offerings, expand our reach, secure new partnerships and deepen already existing ones, execute new projects as well as continue with the old ones.

Projects to look out for include;

In addition to this, we have so many more up our sleeves, stay glued on all our social platforms to get updates.

We were able to do all these with the help and dedication of our team members, volunteers, partners, and sponsors. We are grateful, thank you for your continued support.

Let’s do more in the new year!


Prepared by:

Chibuzor Elizabeth Chijioke,

Programs Lead, IGHub.

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