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Innovation Growth Hub is a Creative, Tech and Business Incubation Hub that works with startups at various stages of maturity by providing Mentorship, Space, Training, Business Support services, Warm Community and Network for entrepreneurs.

We are in business to use technology to grow businesses, proffer tech solutions for entrepreneurs, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises.

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We organize events for tech, business, and creative experts and enthusiasts.


With over 1.5 Billion active monthly users on facebook, imagine the number of sales you can close daily using facebook ADs. At IGHub, we provide virtual training on…


Itโ€™s one thing to be online, itโ€™s another thing to be on Google Search and Map! With your business registered on GMB, your prospective and loyal customers can…


Lots of individuals have mind blowing ideas burning within their hearts, but one of the issues they face when it comes to implementing those ideas includes…

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Since 2015, we've run a number of impact events, among which is Startup Weekend
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