Why we are here

It’s about focus, problem solving, patience, empowerment, storytelling, creativity, orgnisation, collaboration, communication, confidence, resilience and career-preparation.


Our vision is to become a formidable player in the Nigerian EdTech.


Our mission is to stimulate technological growth in our community by providing modern learning platforms, tools and resources, thereby enhancing creativity and career readiness.

Ig Academy

For schools

As part of our intervention scheme for education, we have partnered with schools in Aba and beyond to deliver high quality computing education to equip students to use techologically inclined thinking and creativity to create problem-solving programs.

Ig Academy


With initial funding from PIND, we create opportunities for enhancement in the field of technology through inculcating employability skills for sustainable jobs for the youths.

Ig Academy

Kids code camp

Our annual education program designed for middle school students to promote an interest in computer science and tech careers while expanding on the core STEM concepts from their other classes.